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Are you there World?...It's me, Riz......Hi.

Hi and Welcome to my blog!

As the more astute of you may have already gathered (by the oh-so-discreet blog title), this blog is primarily a way to keep track of my training and thoughts regarding the martial arts. As it progresses, it will include all the usual martial arts blog entries - techniques, articles, reviews, rants and random musings. Naturally, a lot of the focus will be on Karate (which I've grown up doing) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (which is new to me) but, the blog won't be limited to these arts.

Of course, please do bear in mind that I am by no means an ‘expert’ on the subject. Just like you, I’m learning – I just happen to be writing down what I’m learning (and thinking) in that hope that it will help you with your own progress. Please DO comment – I’m interested in hearing your opinions too!  

What I feel will separate my blog from most others is the personal input I'll be putting into my entries. Before you classify me as completely self-absorbed, let me justify myself....I believe there is a great wealth of information regarding the martial arts available online (in fact, I'll eventually provide links to what I feel are some of the most beneficial sites to visit) but, I notice the vast majority of articles are written assuming that the reader will be rolling / sparring with partners of similar size and strength...my focus will be on the plights of the little guy (after all, weren't martial arts developed to give the smaller guy a chance?).

And it's by no mere coincidence that I've chosen this as a focus for my blog - I've always been the little guy. I'm 5"3 and weigh around 62-63kg (that is, 136.4-138.6lbs) - not quite small enough to be classed a 'little person' ...just pocket-sized! Growing up, I was always the smallest guy in the gym. Now while this did have some impact on my training in striking styles...I only really felt the disadvantage when I started BJJ about 4 months back.

The BJJ class I attend is relatively small with about 20 members (though no more than 7-10 show up each session). Aside from myself, the smallest member of the group is 5"7ish and 75kg (165lbs). The majority of the class stand between 5"7 and 6"1, and weigh around 85-90kg (187-198lbs). Initially, the size difference gave me some huge problems but as things have progressed, less so.

What I'm trying to say in a very ill-organised, poorly constructed way is that - there is hope! As someone told me recently, "Being the smallest guy in the gym WILL pay off".

The secret? Train harder than the other guy.

                                           ....train smarter too!


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