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Hello Japan!

I’ve had a pretty lame week. Not only have I been unwell, unable to train, and stuck in the office for 16 hour shifts (no kidding!)…I’ve also been craving a particular type of cupcake, which I just can’t seem to find! However, this made it all better for me.

On March 8th, Shinya Aoki and David Gardner duked it out in Saitama (Japan) for the opening round of the Dream 7 Featherweight Grand Prix. Aoki (“The Baka Survivor”) has already made a huge name for himself, and Gardner (forevermore known as "Hello Japan") isn’t completely unknown either.

The Dream 7 event failed to pull in high viewer ratings, but the fight finisher between Aoki and Gardner will be on highlight reels for years to come.


Look at it this way, at least Gardner got to say hello before the fight ended (I love the fact that the commentator says “Goodbye Japan!” during the tap out)!


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